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“When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

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Linus Project

Project Linus Sends Love with Handmade Baby Quilts

Project Linus sends love with handmade baby quilts to babies and older children who have a big need of both. The organization doles out its precious, double-barreled gifts to children big and small in all 50 states, aided by volunteers who quilt and crochet just for the good it does. Michelle Gawlinski, now in charge …

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handmade baby quilts for Christmas

Giving Handmade Baby Quilts for Christmas Means Getting Lots of Pleasure in Return

Giving handmade baby quilts for Christmas means getting lots of pleasure in return to the smart lady or gent who makes the choice. Here’s why: You’ll be thrilled to know that the quilt you choose from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique will surround the new little one with warmth and comfort and a precious sense of …

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Five ways Handmade Baby quilts are great for new babies

Five Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Are Great for New Babies

Five ways Handmade Baby quilts are great for new babies. Keep that new baby warm with a handmade baby quilt now that Fall has arrived and temperatures are falling. There’s no better way to protect a newborn from the brisk breezes of the season than with a hand-sewn baby quilt that The Baby Quilt Lady …

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Give Your Little Pumpkin a Handmade Baby Quilt

Give Your Little Pumpkin a Handmade Baby Quilt

Give your little pumpkin a handmade baby quilt and you’ll provide a treat that’ll last a lot longer than a candy apple. Here’s what you’ll be giving: Warmth A three-ply baby quilt made with the softest baby flannel will furnish the lightweight, gentle warmth every baby needs. The Baby Quilt Lady’s hand-crafted quilts for boys …

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