Newborns and Moms

In my journey as a blogger and owner of my own company, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, I have come to meet various people in all walks of life.  One of those is who is passionate about supporting women in their health issues and fitness is Dr. Douglas Penta, MD.  His emphasis is educated the new mom by writing articles and putting together an informational blog, “Women’s Health and Fitness Blog,” designed to educate women on the current health and fitness issues.  Dr. Penta states, “ I enjoy writing articles as I am passionate about my specialty and the way I can integrate it with m online skills to help educate (others) about issues relating to women’s health and fitness.”

Dr. Penta

Of the many subtopics, Women’s Health Bloggers, Pregnancy Bloggers, Newborn Bloggers, and Mom Bloggers, Dr. Penta has included Unique Baby Quilt Boutique in the Newborn Blogger section. 

Did you ever see a baby start to learn to try to roll over?  Wait, a baby on the hard floor! 

All babies need that special baby quilt, a soft place to be able to lie on, a place to be able to show off to Grandma when you roll over for the first time and all those times afterwards.

Moms and Dads, Grandmother and even Grandfathers, you need to make sure your grandchild has a soft and fluffy baby quilt.  Be sure when you watch that little one roll over or play with their favorite toy on the floor that a baby quilt is in use.  Baby quilts are not just for cuddles!

Thank you to Dr. Penta for your wonderful support for new mothers and their babies.

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Baby Quilts and New Babies

Every new mom has a story to tell about the road to holding her new baby in her arms.  Some roads are more rocky and longer than others.

A baby quilt from Grandma

Grandma and Abigail

As a mother of 4, I truly understand the long hard road.  My husband and I had been married for over nine years.  Our first son came quickly on Friday morning after a phone call on the previous Wednesday from the adoption case manager.  We became Instant parents and cherished every minute.

Five years and many embarrassing tests for both of us later, we had a baby boy naturally.  Twenty months following my first natural birth, our sons had a new brother.  The family, of my three sons, was amazing and complete.

As a working mom, a teacher, I took what little free time I could muster and made them each baby quilts.  If time permitted, I would make one for their numerous cousins (15) that were in the same age range as my boys.  Large families are wonderful for built in friends to play with when coming to visit.

As my story is not over because as at age 41, my daughter came into this world and made our family complete. To add to our life, my husband and I enjoy 3 beautiful grandchildren.  With God’s blessing, we hope to live to see them grow up and be part of their lives.

I have found others like myself, many that I have made quilts for their children and grandchildren, who have shared similar stories of the road to family.  One Mom, Trish, shared her story with me.

handmade baby quilt for the newborn baby

… “I had some health issues that kept me in and out of hospitals for two years and I was told I’d never be able to have children. When I found out I was pregnant the complications continued. Thankfully my husband and I have been blessed with a perfect baby boy and we look forward to the privilege of raising him together.

As an expectant mom, however, I wondered why I didn’t have the “glow” and searched for answers to my questions: what to expect when it ISN’T expected… that prompted me to begin writing a blog on the subject. The response was overwhelming and I soon set up a website and now an online magazine dedicated to moms and dads. My goal is to give my readers tips and insight to help tone you mentally, physically, and spiritually during your pregnancy and beyond.

Please visit my website at and look for the links to my recent blogs and digital magazine.  I can also be followed on twitter, facebook, pinterest, and linkedin; email me directly at “

Like Trish, I have turned to helping others by using my talents to design and hand quilt unique handmade baby quilts so that other mothers and grandmothers may give a keepsake gift.  One that will bring tears of joy to the eyes of the new mom as she visualizes her new baby cuddles in the handmade baby quilt.

handmade baby quilt for the newborn baby

Baby quilts and new babies are unique and adorable.

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Grandma’s Baby Shower Gift Idea

Penguin at the Poles a unique handmade baby quilt

Penguin at the Poles a unique handmade baby quilt

Is a new baby on the way?

 As the Grandmother, what would be the perfect baby gift to give your new grandchild?

The announcement of a new baby brings many changes to our lives. As a Grandmother, you want the best for your grandchild.  You worry about the child’s future, whether they will go to college and get good jobs.  You think about the environment in which they will grow up.  What role will technology play in shaping their lives and or on the other hand will it help to bring you closer together in today’s modern world?  Will your grandchild get enough sleep and the proper nourishment or will the day to day habits bring junk food and poor sleeping habits to their world?

To help make their new world a bit more comfortable, a handmade baby quilt is just what Grandma can do to bring the baby the perfect gift.  Baby quilts are both durable and adorable and made of 100 % cotton baby flannel.  These unique baby quilts are soft to the touch and become softer with each wash. 

A patchwork baby quilt would be the perfect way to give a gift to your grandchild that says, “This grandmother wants the very best for you.”  So if you are a grandmother who can sew, make a handmade baby quilt for your grandchild.  If you are all thumbs and would rather I make you one for you to give as a baby shower gift or just a special gift from Grandma, check out my website at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique. 

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Grandma’s Advice on How to Quilt

A wide-eyed 8 year-old stands by the quilt frame watching her Grandma and friends ply the needle over the quilt blocks.  How I remember just waiting for the opportunity to try a few stitches.  The joy of threading needles for Grandma as she chatted and sewed with her friends was the beginning of a history of learning the love my art of quilting.

Now years later, many projects have called my quilt frame home.  The lessons learned from my Grandma have stood the test of time and now become valuable tools of my trade. For example, press seams towards the darker fabric.  Keep scissors sharp and check that they cut straight.  Scissors that have been dropped may not cut a true line. Always complete a practice quilt block to determine which piecing order you prefer and which direction you want the seams to face.  Whenever four or more seams come together at one point, press the seams open.  Grandma always said to dip one finger into water and dab the moisture onto the area where the multiple seams come together and fan out.  This process will flatten the seams as you press your quilt block.

Grandma sewed her quilt blocks with either her treadle machine or in later years her new electric machine.  Yet she strongly cautioned that no matter the sewing machine you purchased with every new option available, don’t forget the inexpensive and tiny essential item, the sewing machine needle.  When stitching a quilt block, needles are best when sharp, and Grandma’s reminder was to replace the needle with each new quilt top.  Dull needles become noisy and should be replaced immediately.

Until today I can still hear my Grandfather remind me to keep those quilt stitches small, so he would not get his big toe stuck in them when he slept under the quilt at night. I knew my Grandfather was only kidding me, but that little joke between us so many years ago, still reminds me to keep the quilt stitches small and even.  While tiny stitches are not essential, it is important to the overall appearance of your quilt that they are reasonably sized.  If they are too large, just like my Grandfather teased me, they run the risk of being broken in the course of wear or just pulled loose.  Anywhere from 6 – 12 stitches per inch is what Grandma suggested when stitching a quilt by hand.

The years have flown by, the days with Grandma are no longer, but the love of her craft will live on since now I am the Grandma teaching my grandchildren to quilt.

It is time to quilt!

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Quilting is a Passion

As I just sat watching the Olympics from Sochi, Russia, I was reminded of the passion in the eyes of the players, the coaches, and the fans.  The love of their sport goes far beyond the point in the goal or the trip down that mountain .  As a “soccer Mom” of 3 boys and a go-getter lady, I spent many hours at their practices and soccer games, and from a very early age, that passion for the game was in the eyes of my children, as well.

When asked by others, why is quilting such a passion for me?  Is it because I spent hours with a needle in hand or at the sewing machine?

A treadle machine used for handmade quilts

Here is my response:
Quilting is my passion because:

I see quilting in my family  -  I grew up standing beside the quilting frame, next to my Grandmother, as I watched her hands gently rock back and forth, as she created what I can to love as her beautiful patchwork quilts.

I see quilting in my history – I live in Collier County, Florida.  Here the Seminole tribe lives and have lived for generations.  Their history shows the  use of quilting to not only make lovely clothing and blankets that tell stories in the patterns that they use.

I see quilting in art and mathematics – As a teacher in Collier County, Florida, I use quilting to teach geometric concepts, such as tessellations, angles, symmetry and their adaptations to the world of art.

I see quilting in community service – As a parent, my daughter had a life threatening heart problem.  Thanks to All Children’s Hospital and their talented doctors and staff, she is healthy again.  She was given a quilt while in the hospital, which she treasures.  Now I give back to others, and make quilts for other children.  Please send any quilts you would like also donate to:

handmade quilts

Kyleigh’s Quilt given by All Children’s Hospital

I see quilting in business – As I started on own on line business, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique

“When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

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Looking for the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

How hard must it be to find a baby shower gift?

An invitation arrives from your granddaughter or from a special friend, maybe even your favorite niece.    This means no ordinary shower gift will do for this present has to be unique, special, and stand out at the shower.

Baby Pink Lady Bugs a unique handmade baby quilt

Baby Pink Lady Bugs a unique handmade baby quilt

One gift will not be tossed aside after a few statements of “Wow how nice,” or “So cute,” and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.

One that has everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch. One that will bring tears of your to the eyes of the new mom, as she visualizes her new baby with this new baby cuddled in the new gift.

Baby Pink Giraffe a unique handmade baby quilt

Baby Pink Giraffe a unique handmade baby quilt

One that won’t get put into a dresser drawer to be forgotten after the thank you note has been written and the tags removed.

One the baby won’t outgrow in a few weeks, because babies tend to grow so fast at those early stages.

One the new mom won’t already have the same gift or get one at the shower maybe in a different color or pattern design.

Now were does such a baby shower gift exist?

Think of your own small child and remember those good times and what they kept snuggled close by with them at night, dragged around daily until it was so thread bare you were afraid to wash it for fear their precious treasure may just not hold together. Yes, it was their favorite baby quilt or blanket.

A baby shower gift of a handmade baby quilt will be the solution to that shower dilemma.

Can’t you just picture the baby shower? The mother-to-be is opening your gift and holding your handmade baby quilt for all to see. A gift so unique a different from anything she has opened from others at the shower. Tears spring into her eyes as she cuddles the soft cotton flannel to her cheeks and dreams of the little one that will soon be in her arms wrapped in that baby quilt. In a flurry, everyone in the room wants to take a closer look, touch the soft fabrics, and see the handmade stitches that make your baby shower gift one-of-a-kind.

You did it! A unique baby shower gift and a handmade baby quilt to last a lifetime.

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Teaching Grandchildren To Sew

Making a baby quilt is not just for us older folks.

All you grandmothers out there, who are also quilters, stop and take time to teach your passion to your grandchildren.

Sewing  a unique baby quilt with Grandma

Sewing a unique baby quilt with Grandma

When I spend time with my passion quilting, I do so when my granddaughters are with me.  Abby, 20 months, and Alexa, 6 years are anxious to help out.  Each can have a job to do in making a quilt.

Alexa helps me to choose fabrics squares, place them, and prepare my next Animal I Spy baby quilt.  As a kindergarten student, this was a perfect way to help her to identify the animals, discuss their habitats, and learn more information that gives us quality time together as we arrange and pin our rows together.  Learning to sew is not only fun but an educational experience for both age levels.

Alexa also enjoys sitting on my lap to sew at the machine.  Teaching her the proper safety procedures of sewing, parts of a sewing machine, and steps of assembling a baby quilt are not only new learning experiences for Alexa in sewing, but quality time for both of us.

Abby enjoys her material strips.  As I cut off pieces for my Animal I Spy blocks, the end parts go to Abby for her collection of animals.  As I cut, Abby is collecting, organizing, and learning new animal words and the sounds they make.  Where most children have a book of animals, Abby has a bag for a material scraps to play with over and over of her animal friends.

Abby also enjoy sitting on my lab to sew at the machine.  She is learning the safety of where her hands belong when the machine is running.  Grandma controls the foot pedal.  If Abby hands don’t stay in a safe place, the machine stops.

My sewing projects may not finish as quickly as planned when my granddaughters are around, but teaching the next generation to sew for this grandmother is pleasure.

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Animal I Spy Baby Quilts

An “I Spy” baby quilt is not only for cuddles but provides endless hours of excellent learning opportunities and a soft baby quilt for the floor.

Animal I Spy a handmade baby quilt

Animal I Spy a handmade baby quilt

To make the “I Spy” game interesting and the baby quilt one a young child will enjoy, a wide selection of animals are chosen for the quilt.  As you view the quilt, animals from the zoo, the pond, the air and many more are found in colors that vary from pinks to yellows, and pastel green to blues.  These animals are found on the colored backgrounds of the fabrics but also in the habitats where they live in nature.  For example, a printed fabric will display a shimmering fish in a pond, a dabbled horse in a field, or even a little red lady bug in her favorite flower garden.


The spying or locating of these types of animals provides children the vocabulary development and background knowledge of these animals in their habitats which are learning skills for these young minds.


Animal I Spy baby quilts are great gifts for baby shower gifts or for the new mother-to-be.  A keepsake gift that is both durable and adorable for both girls and boys.

A baby quilt is the perfect combination of comfort and creativity to cradle the baby.



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A Baby Quilt for a Shower Gift

Gifts from the heart are always the handmade blankets and hats and things that were made especially for a baby with love.  This shower gift should bring tears to the eyes of the new mom, as she visualizes her little one cuddled in the soft folds of the baby quilt. This means your gift is going to be no ordinary shower gift.  This present has to be unique, special, and stand out at the shower not be tossed aside after a few statements of “Wow how nice,” or “So cute,” and then be forgotten in the pile with the other baby shower gifts.  You want to have everyone at the baby shower passing your baby gift around for all to see and touch.

Confetti a unique handmade baby quilt

Confetti a unique handmade baby quilt

A handmade baby quilt stitched with love in patchwork patterns is handmade to be both durable and adorable.

The new mom won’t already have the same gift or get one at the shower.  A unique handmade baby quilt is the perfect baby shower gift from the heart.

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Newest UniqueBaby Quilts

lavender wings unique handmade baby crib quilt

Lavender Wings

Finding time to quilt lately with all my other responsibilities has been difficult.  Quilting is relaxing after a long day.  The joy of designing a unique baby quilt, one that has new and different pattern and color design gives me a fresh new feeling after a long day.

Here are my latest two baby quilts made of 100% baby cotton flannel.  You can just wrap that little one in the softness.

Sweet Treats unique handmade baby crib quilts

Sweet Treats

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