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 “When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

handmade baby quilts


Unique Baby Quilt Boutique offers a wide variety of unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

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homemade baby quilts

5 Reasons to Give New Moms Homemade Baby Quilts

Here are 5 reasons to give new moms homemade baby quilts. Everyone shopping for a shower gift or newborn present hopes to get something that’ll stand out from the crowd, but usually it’s the baby that’s the focus of the search. She’ll look so cute in that outfit, or he’ll just adore that furry teddy …

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handmade baby quilts

5 Reasons Why Handmade Baby Quilts Make Cherished Keepsakes

To use an old show biz expression, handmade baby quilts have legs. Just like a hit Broadway show, baby boutique quilts have staying power. Now that’s a great virtue when you’re thinking about buying a gift for a baby shower or a newborn’s arrival because your gift is the one that will be treasured throughout …

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