“When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

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Unique Baby Quilt Boutique offers a wide variety of unique handmade baby quilts for boys and girls.

storing fabrics for handmade baby quilts

Tips for Storing Fabrics for Handmade Baby Quilts

Tips for Storing Fabrics for Handmade Baby Quilts Quilters who make handmade baby quilts for sale do so in their own unique way, but they all share the same guilty pleasure: Buying huge amounts of fabric for future projects. Stockpiling goes with the territory.  It’s not just a frivolous habit.  First, there’s the economic factor. …

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Give Your Little-Lady Tadpoles Frog-patterned Baby Quilts

Give your little-lady tadpoles frog-patterned baby quilts. There’s something about crafted frogs that always brings smiles. Whether painted, ceramic, or fabric, the jovial amphibians have always been sure-fire people pleasers.  Handmade baby quilts made with a happy family of little frogs help to keep the mood upbeat in cribs.  Pale yellow and green squares bordered …

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