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 “When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart,”

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a blog for handmade baby quilt ideas for boys and girls.


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Handmade Baby Quilts Animal Designs Bond Kids Critters

Handmade Baby Quilts Bond Kids and Critters

Handmade Baby Quilt with an Animal Design Nothing’s more adorable than a baby hugging her favorite stuffed animal, be it panda, penguin or giraffe. But you can intensify that special bond between baby and critter by buying a handmade baby quilt with an animal design. What a great way to introduce the new little one …

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Handmade Baby Quilt

Handmade Baby Quilt Three-Way Time Savers

Handmade Baby Quilt  Three-Way Time Savers The handmade baby quilt you bring to the shower will get raves from everyone there and earn you a personal pat on the back for all the time you saved. Here’s how: No Time Spent Worrying Whether It Will Fit How often have you stood at a counter holding …

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