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Mar 26

Handmade Baby Quilts As Easy as One Two Three

homemade baby quilts

Magic number handmade baby quilts make gifting as easy as  One Two Three Little girls with confidence have proved they’re equal to boys in math, so start them off early on the road to understanding with numerically designed baby quilts.   A one-two-three combination in greens and blues dances across a pink background to get …

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Mar 23

T-shirt Baby Quilts Look Cool in the Crib

baby quilts

T-shirt baby quilts look cool in the crib. In the blink of an eye, little babies are cool little kids, bopping around the playground in their favorite tees. Now homemade baby quilts designed with real baby t-shirts deliver the sandbox fashion favorite to the crib set. The t-shirts incorporated into handmade baby quilts will appeal …

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Mar 22

Patchwork Baby Quilts Are Peachy Teachers

handmade baby quilts

Patchwork baby quilts are peachy teachers. Colors are popping and animals are hopping all over these homemade baby quilts with patchwork designs.  But the cheerful menageries are a lot more than pretty faces. They also provide an opportunity for babies to learn.  Not only can the cribsters get to know the names of all the …

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Mar 18

Nautical Baby Quilts Launch Little Mariners on Pleasant Journeys

buy handmade baby quilt

Nautical Baby Quilts Launch Little Mariners on Pleasant Journeys Baby quilts with nautical themes could be just the thing to help little ones navigate through the wondrous world they’re just beginning to explore.  When they go to sleep with quilts homemade with bright-colored sailboats or fleets of sloops or schooners, their imaginations open to an ocean …

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Mar 16

Cute Panda Baby Quilts Put the Party in the Crib

baby quilts

Cute  Panda Baby Quilts Put the Party in the Crib. Merrymaking pandas are sure-fire smile getters as they frolic on a field of solid baby blue and white polka dots.  And why shouldn’t they be happy? They’re arranged in various designs in handmade baby quilts that will delight their little boy companions for a long, …

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Mar 13

Whale Watch From Home With Whale-Motif Baby Quilts

baby quilts

A pod of jolly whales swims across these handmade baby quilts, making friends with little sea life fanciers in the comfort of their bedrooms. The mysteries of the deep have fascinated young and old since Noah built his ark and Ahab tracked Moby Dick. But little boys don’t have to go to sea to see …

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Mar 11

Treat Little Road Runners to Wheel-Themed Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts for boys

Men love their wheels, and many little guys share the passion.  If your boy dreams of zooming around a race track or going full throttle down the highway in an 18-wheeler, handmade baby quilts with a transportation theme will get him off to a great start. It’s easy to recognize a road warrior. His eyes …

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