Grandma’s Handmade Quilts Have Love in Every Stitch.

Grandma’s handmade quilts have love in every stitch. Those days with Grandma are long gone but not her love, her patience, and her commitment to hard work. Those parts of my Grandmother will be with me each day in her quilts.

The Answer to Scrap Problem – Not Another Handmade Quilt

Handmade and homemade baby crib quilt's stash

Truth be known – quilters know all the angles. Every quilter has that extra large stash of scraps. For some reason, no matter how many times you attempt to use these scrap for handmade project after project, not only does the amount of the scraps appear to increase, but there tends to be a need for more storage containers to store the stash.

Got Scraps?- Make a Handmade Quilt

Handmade baby quilts for All Children's Hospitals

“When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.” Well my stash is full of scraps. I have spent the better part of yesterday trying to clean up the not one drawers, but the many locations where those scraps are kept. I tell myself to keep them you might just need that piece for something. Drawers and boxes later, those lonely lavenders, bored blues, and sulking silvers and shades of every other hue imaginable are waiting their turn to be a patch in one of my handmade baby quilts.

What is quilting?

Handmade and Homemade baby crib quilts

Checking into any dictionary you might find that the definition of the word “quilt” is defined as a coverlet when used as a noun, but in its verb form, it is the process for making a special type of material or creating a design.

“Bear”y Good Friend Needs a Name

handmade and homemade baby crib quilt teddy bear

My poor bear… He or she has been working so hard and appearing in many of my baby crib quilt photos, yet he does NOT have a name.

What would you name this cute and cuddly bear?

5 Challenges When Making a Handmade Quilt

As a quilter there are many challenges you face when designing, sewing and ultimately quilting the finished product. Here are the 5 most important steps that you need to complete before the finished product can be proudly displayed and viewed by others.

The Ultimate Baby Crib Quilt-A-Thon

handmade and homemade baby crib quilt

Since I am not fond of driving, and my friend is not a willing and comfortable passenger, she did all the driving. This was the perfect arrangement for me. Prior to the vacation trip, I took time to sew 7 handmade baby quilt tops for Unique Baby Quilt Boutique and pinned each so that I would be ready for what I jokingly called my “Ultimate Quilt-A-Thon.”

Baby Crib Quilt Tale via Iraq

handmade & homemade baby crib quilt

A new baby on the way, an anxious mother is in labor; the nervous father sits and waits for news on his long-awaited child. This is a familiar tale told each day in hundreds of hospitals around the world by millions of families and their respective doctors.
Quilts tell also many stories. Only this one will tell a different tale. This story has a new baby on the way and a mother giving birth, though there is no father with her by her side.