“You’re SEW SPECIAL! “

“You’re SEW SPECIAL! “ That is what you are saying to the new baby with a homemade quilt.

Quilting and the Tools of the Trade

Tools Used in Making Handmade and Homemade Baby Crib Quilts

Whether you are a veteran quilter or a “newbie” just ready to begin your first quilt, like any great craftsman, having the right tools for the job and knowing how and when to use them is important to the success of your project.

How to Create a Handmade Children’s Quilt or Crib Quilt

Are you looking for that special baby shower gift or for that new mother-to-be? Do you have a grandchild, a favorite niece or nephew, or just that extra special young lady or little man, who have a soft spot in your heart and their birthday is around the corner? No ordering store bought gift off …

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Children’s Quilts – Each Tell a Story

children's quilts

How does the story of each unique quilt begin? As a quilter commences her initial design work, thoughts grow and develop from the design board to the sewing machine. Each of her children’s quilts tells its own story, as the pieces are cut from carefully chosen fabrics, sewn carefully into patterns. The story’s is illustrated through color, design, and texture.

The Right Baby Shower Gift

You need just the right baby shower gift. One that will not be tossed in the pile at the baby shower and be lost and forgotten, or be carelessly opened and set aside.

A Baby Shower Gift

Baby Quilts Made with Loved Ones‘ Clothes

Need a shower gift for the mother- to-be?

Handmade Baby Quilts

The perfect gift, a one-of-a-kind handmade baby quilt to celebrate a new life.

Handmade Quilts for Shower Gifts

Quilts As UNIQUE As Your Baby

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