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Oct 26

Grandmas Confess: I Had to Buy a Handmade Baby Quilt

Handmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill.

Grandmas Confess:  I Had to Buy a Handmade Baby Quilt When you hand make baby quilts for boys and girls, you’re happy knowing the babies will get something wonderful and pleased to learn why buyers bought them.The number one factoid in the feedback is that grandmas are smitten with the baby quilt concept and get …

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Oct 19

Handmade Baby Quilt Gifts: The Ship Never Sails

handmade baby quilt gifts

Handmade Baby Quilt Gifts: The Ship Never Sails There’s more than one right time to buy a homemade baby quilt for the baby in your life, so if you think you’ve missed the boat, think again! Okay, so the shower would have been the perfect time to give handmade baby quilt gifts. With its original design and …

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Sep 14

Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress

baby quilts with trucks

Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress   No Wheels? Where would we be without wheels?  Staggering forward with only the aid of man and beast power, Ugh!  How lucky for us that wheels ease our journey through life by moving us, delivering our sustenance, helping to construct our universe.  How lucky are the little newborns, …

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Aug 08

Handmade Baby Quilts: Gifts of Laughter

handmade baby quilts

Handmade Baby Quilts: Gifts of Laughter When you think about all the pleasures homemade baby quilts bring to the new little babies in your life, bet you didn’t think about laughter. Sure, you expect all the handmade baby quilts for sale to be soft and warm, and you know the one you select will brighten …

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Jun 15

Make Handmade Baby Quilts Affordable Gifts

affordable baby shower gifts

How can you give a handmade baby quilt and make it an affordable baby shower gift? When you’re going to a baby shower for someone special in your life, you want to choose the perfect present to convey your affection and admiration, but you have to keep your budget in mind.  Those two desires sometimes seem …

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May 18

5 Reasons to Give New Moms Homemade Baby Quilts

homemade baby quilts

Here are 5 reasons to give new moms homemade baby quilts. Everyone shopping for a shower gift or newborn present hopes to get something that’ll stand out from the crowd, but usually it’s the baby that’s the focus of the search. She’ll look so cute in that outfit, or he’ll just adore that furry teddy …

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Apr 08

Give Your Little-Lady Tadpoles Frog-patterned Baby Quilts

baby quilts

Give your little-lady tadpoles frog-patterned baby quilts. There’s something about crafted frogs that always brings smiles. Whether painted, ceramic, or fabric, the jovial amphibians have always been sure-fire people pleasers.  Handmade baby quilts made with a happy family of little frogs help to keep the mood upbeat in cribs.  Pale yellow and green squares bordered …

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Apr 06

Baby Quilts with Animals Please Boys and Girls

baby quilts

Baby Quilts with animals please boys and girls. No waiting for zoo trips or book reading sessions for the babies who cuddle with critters in their cribs. Little ones who’ve been gifted with baby quilts filled with frolicking animals can ignite their imaginations any time of day. Coordinating splashes of leopard print and polka dots …

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