Handmade Baby Quilts with Starburst Motif

Handmade baby quilts with starburst motif are extra-special gifts.

So you want to give the new little misses in your life presents they’ll really appreciate. Hand-made baby quilts are versatile gifts that will do just that.

handmade baby quilts

The first thing they’ll enjoy is the comfort these super-soft baby flannel quilts provide. When it’s time to cuddle up and fall asleep, hand-made baby quilts are the ideal crib companions.

As the little lady grows, she’ll enjoy the starburst pattern, created with pink and white polka dot blocks.  And it’s a treat to know that the quilt was created in a pattern just for her.

Later, when the world extends beyond the crib,  hand-made baby quilts are ideal for car blankets, play mats and familiar friends when it’s nap time in a place far from home.

handmade baby quilts

Other gifts for new-borns have a short life expectancy. Clothes are outgrown in a twinkling of an eye. Toys get lost or don’t survive the washing machine.  But these hand-made baby quilts have staying power, Their machine-stitching and hand-binding deliver a sturdy quilt equal to the rigors of babyhood. They’ll withstand the effects of the washer and dryer with their good looks and tight connections intact.

As time passes, the bigger girl can use her beloved quilt as a throw  on her bed for as long as she chooses.

And she might like to save it as a keepsake to hand down to her own daughter some day.

Give handmade baby quilts with starburst motif to your little loved ones. These are gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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