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Project Linus Sends Love with Handmade Baby Quilts

Linus Project

Project Linus sends love with handmade baby quilts to babies and older children who have a big need of both. The organization doles out its precious, double-barreled gifts to children big and small in all 50 states, aided by volunteers who quilt and crochet just for the good it does. Michelle Gawlinski, now in charge …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Are a Labor of Love

Handmade Baby Quilts are a labor of love

Handmade Baby Quilts are a labor of love when they’re made by the Baby Quilt Lady just for you to give to that special baby in your life. “Choosing the right color combinations for a new quilt can be a slow process,” she explains. “Whether it’s a little boy or a little girl who’s going …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Bond Kids and Critters

Handmade Baby Quilts Animal Designs Bond Kids Critters

Handmade Baby Quilt with an Animal Design Nothing’s more adorable than a baby hugging her favorite stuffed animal, be it panda, penguin or giraffe. But you can intensify that special bond between baby and critter by buying a handmade baby quilt with an animal design. What a great way to introduce the new little one …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Make the World a Softer Place

Baby Quilts Made with Loved Ones‘ Clothes

Most everything that’s soft makes us happy, whether it’s the gentle voice of our favorite singer crooning a romantic ballad, or the soothing squishiness of our pillow as we slide into sleep.  Little babies also crave the comfort of softness, but safety concerns limit their ability to enjoy it. Limited, yes, but impossible, no. There’s …

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Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress

baby quilts with trucks

Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress   No Wheels? Where would we be without wheels?  Staggering forward with only the aid of man and beast power, Ugh!  How lucky for us that wheels ease our journey through life by moving us, delivering our sustenance, helping to construct our universe.  How lucky are the little newborns, …

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T-shirt Baby Quilts Look Cool in the Crib

baby quilts

T-shirt baby quilts look cool in the crib. In the blink of an eye, little babies are cool little kids, bopping around the playground in their favorite tees. Now homemade baby quilts designed with real baby t-shirts deliver the sandbox fashion favorite to the crib set. The t-shirts incorporated into handmade baby quilts will appeal …

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Handmade Baby Quilts – The Colors

handmade baby quilts for boys

Handmade Baby Quilts – The Colors Standing in my closest looking for something to wear for the day, gave me an inspiration for new handmade baby quilts? To be honest, pink is just not my color and I was tired of all my blue tops so I found a bright yellow and brown sweater set …

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Handmade Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts

The wonderful children’s book, I Spy, captures the attention of the young and the young at heart for hours on end. Putting that concept into handmade baby quilts will not only give opportunities for many cuddles but will be an excellent learning opportunity for the new baby.  “I Spy” handmade baby quilts are both adorable …

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