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Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress

baby quilts with trucks

Baby Quilts Showcase Wheels of Progress   No Wheels? Where would we be without wheels?  Staggering forward with only the aid of man and beast power, Ugh!  How lucky for us that wheels ease our journey through life by moving us, delivering our sustenance, helping to construct our universe.  How lucky are the little newborns, …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Are Memory Makers

designer of quilts for babies

Handmade Baby Quilts Are Memory Makers When you’re looking for the ideal baby gift, you’re hoping that your choice will be something that’s not only useful, but something that will have more than just a fleeting presence in the baby’s life. Handmade baby quilts for boys and girls are  just the ticket.   Child-Quilt Bonds …

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Handmade Baby Quilts with Starburst Motif

handmade baby quilts for girls

Handmade baby quilts with starburst motif are extra-special gifts. So you want to give the new little misses in your life presents they’ll really appreciate. Hand-made baby quilts are versatile gifts that will do just that. The first thing they’ll enjoy is the comfort these super-soft baby flannel quilts provide. When it’s time to cuddle …

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Give Your Little-Lady Tadpoles Frog-patterned Baby Quilts

baby quilts

Give your little-lady tadpoles frog-patterned baby quilts. There’s something about crafted frogs that always brings smiles. Whether painted, ceramic, or fabric, the jovial amphibians have always been sure-fire people pleasers.  Handmade baby quilts made with a happy family of little frogs help to keep the mood upbeat in cribs.  Pale yellow and green squares bordered …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Reborn With Dinosaurs

Handmade Baby Quilts Super Shower Gifts

Dinosaurs are reborn on handmade baby quilts. They may not walk the planet any more, but dinosaurs are alive and well in the imaginations and play worlds of little children everywhere. Here’s your opportunity to spark the special relationship between child and dino with handmade baby quilts featuring herds of the prehistoric creatures traveling on …

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Choosing a Quilt Block for Handmade Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts

Choosing a Quilt Block for Handmade Baby Quilts Is a new baby on the way? As the Grandmother, what would be the perfect baby gift to give your new grandchild?  For this grandmother, it would be a handmade baby quilt. The announcement of a new baby brings many changes to our lives. As a Grandmother, …

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Double Fold Quilt Binding

Double fold quilt binding also known as the French –fold, is exactly what the name implies, a binding folding so that it forms two layers.  There are two methods or techniques for attaching or this type of binding to your handmade baby quilt.  This fold is a favorite among quilters who design baby quilts because …

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Newborns and Moms

In my journey as a blogger and owner of my own company, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, I have come to meet various people in all walks of life.  One of those is who is passionate about supporting women in their health issues and fitness is Dr. Douglas Penta, MD.  His emphasis is educated the new …

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