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What are the 4 Best Fabrics for Handmade Baby Quilts?

fabrics for handmade baby quilts

The best fabrics for handmade baby quilts are the ones that make those baby quilts irresistible, soft, and just perfect for the newborn. The question in your mind as you push the shopping cart up and down the crowded aisles of your favorite quilt shop is how to decide on the right coordinating fabric for …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Are Sew Special

Handmade baby quilts are SEW special

Handmade baby quilts are SEW special but why would I spend days making one when I can go online or to a department store and buy one more quickly and much more cheaply? This is a question I have been asked many times as people see me sitting in a doctor’s office with my baby …

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A New Grandmother

Handmade baby quilts thrill mothers-to-be on Mother’s Day

And baby makes three… Mommy, Daddy, and the new baby just arrived but wait… we need to count me, the new Grandmother.
This quilter has been designing handmade baby quilts, and has been collecting the wonderful stories of those ecstatic Grandmothers, who have purchased my handmade baby quilts have told or wrote to me about their new grandchild, now I have my own grandson to love, cherish, and design a handmade quilt for.