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Handmade Baby Quilt Clearance Sale Continues

Handmade Baby Quilts Are Made to Last

The handmade baby quilt clearance sale continues at Unique Baby Quilt Boutique, and that gives you an extra chance to save some cash on the ideal baby gift you’ve been looking for. Why ideal? Here are just three of the reasons:   Handmade Baby Quilts Last Those little outfits you’ve been considering will be in …

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Sweep Up Savings at the Handmade Baby Quilts Spring Cleaning Sale

Sweep up savings at the handmade baby quilts spring cleaning sale

Sweep up savings at the handmade baby quilts spring cleaning sale going on right now at Unique Baby Quilts Boutique. As the crocus buds and the robins tweet again, The Baby Quilt Lady is opening her cupboards to streamline her inventory. That means that admirers of her one-of-a-kind baby quilts for boys and girls have …

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Hand Quilted Baby Quilts Celebrate St. Patrick

Hand quilted baby quilts celebrate St. Patrick

Hand quilted baby quilts celebrate St. Patrick on his special day this year and for years to come. Here’s how: Irish-Theme Prints Bring the Emerald Isle to the Nursery The Baby Quilt Lady has gathered shamrock and leprechaun prints that symbolize the celebration of St. Patrick and the joy of being Irish.  St. Patrick led …

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Great Presidents Probably Had Great Handmade Baby Quilts

Great Presidents Probably Had Great Handmade Baby Quilts

Great presidents probably had great handmade baby quilts, or they might never have done the deeds that earned them their country’s eternal gratitude. If it worked for them, it could work for the little baby in your life who’s just starting out on the road to greatness. Here’s how:   Quilt Security Gives Babies Confidence …

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Four Ways Handmade Baby Quilts Send Love to the Loves in Your Life

Handmade Baby Quilts are a labor of love

Four ways handmade baby quilts send love to the loves in your life are with their uniqueness, their personal nature, their security and their constancy. Here’s how: They’re One of a Kind How many times does anyone have the opportunity to own something that’s one of a kind? Rarely, if ever. Oh, sure there are …

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Your Little Sweethearts Will Love Handmade Baby Quilts

Four Reasons Why Handmade Baby Quilts Make Super Gifts

Your little sweethearts will love handmade baby quilts, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get them one. Here are five reasons why: They’ll Love the Cuddly Softness The Baby Quilt Lady fashions her unique baby quilts for boys and girls with the softest baby flannels, so newborns and toddlers alike will cherish the …

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Handmade Baby Quilts Warm Winter’s Chill

Handmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill

Handmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill. Baby won’t know it’s cold outside if she’s wrapped in a handmade baby quilt. The winter freeze might be causing shivers elsewhere, but the lucky baby surrounded by the cuddly quilt you gave her will keep her warm and secure. When you think of how the gift you choose …

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