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Aug 12

Gifts from the Heart

Truck Traffic - A handmade baby quilt

You have a special baby shower and you need just the right gift. A gift certificate is always needed which allows the new mom to purchase diapers, wipes, and other necessities but that is not the special shower gift you have in mind.  A gift card is not personal or extra special.  Though the wipes …

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May 11

I Spy Baby Quilts for Learning

handmade baby quilts

I Spy Quilts are SEW cuddly soft for babies but did you know they are wonderful for learning as well.

Feb 20

“Once Upon A Time…”

Once Upon A Time - a handmade quilt

“Once Upon A Time…” I have told those tales and read those wonderful and colorful stories, as a Mom, to my own children hundreds of times when they were youngsters. Today, I finished a handmade quilt by the same name. I captured those special memories of reading to my children, in years past, in this special handmade quilt I called, “Once Upon A Time…”

Aug 09

Grandma’s Handmade Quilts Have Love in Every Stitch.

Grandma’s handmade quilts have love in every stitch. Those days with Grandma are long gone but not her love, her patience, and her commitment to hard work. Those parts of my Grandmother will be with me each day in her quilts.

Aug 04

What is quilting?

Handmade and Homemade baby crib quilts

Checking into any dictionary you might find that the definition of the word “quilt” is defined as a coverlet when used as a noun, but in its verb form, it is the process for making a special type of material or creating a design.

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