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Santa’s Babies Want Handmade Baby Quilts

Santa’s babies want handmade baby quilts

Santa’s Babies Want Handmade Baby Quilts from Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.  How does he know? They told him so. You might think those tiny little bundles of preciousness lying so quietly in their cribs are not yet able to express themselves, but they have a special brain-wave pathway to the North Pole, and here are five …

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Five Ways the “I Spy” Handmade Baby Quilt Top the Rest

Personalized baby quilts sale

Five Ways  the “I Spy” Handmade Baby Quilt Top the Rest There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the handmade baby quilt you’re buying for the baby shower, but the “I Spy” patchwork design The Baby Quilt Lady creates has the others beat in more ways than one. It’s Completely Original Let’s start with …

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Perky Penguins Make Unique Handmade Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts for the new baby in the family

Penguins Make Unique Handmade Baby Quilts Penguins make unique handmade baby quilts.  When you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, you want something completely different from everything else in the stack.  Think penguins to get you there. Here’s why:  Penguins Are Media Stars.   Movies such as Happy Feet, The Penguins of Madagascar and Mr. …

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Resolve to Get Closer By Buying Homemade Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts for girls

Buying homemade baby quilts can help with your resolve to be closer to your loved ones. A gift quilt makes that New Year’s resolution  just as easy to keep as to make. How so? Pick a Quilt that’s a Match You can select beautiful handmade quilts for boys and girls that dovetail with your family’s …

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5 Reasons Why Grandparents Buy Handmade Baby Quilts

handmade baby quilts

5 Reasons Why Grandparents Buy Handmade Baby Quilts When a new baby is joining the family, the grandparents’ pride and pleasure is boundless. How do they express it? With love and affection for sure, but the gift of a home-made baby quilt says volumes about their devotion. They Appreciate the Keepsake Value Grandma herself might …

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Makers of Homemade Baby Quilts in a Bind

homemade baby quilts

Binding bewilderment puts makers of homemade baby quilts in a bind. There’s a great big obstacle that keeps many makers of handmade baby quilts from finishing their projects. They love to buy the fabrics, and their minds are filled with ideas for baby keepsake quilt patterns, so they go to work assembling the major components …

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Handmade Baby Quilts with Starburst Motif

handmade baby quilts for girls

Handmade baby quilts with starburst motif are extra-special gifts. So you want to give the new little misses in your life presents they’ll really appreciate. Hand-made baby quilts are versatile gifts that will do just that. The first thing they’ll enjoy is the comfort these super-soft baby flannel quilts provide. When it’s time to cuddle …

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Give Your Little-Lady Tadpoles Frog-patterned Baby Quilts

baby quilts

Give your little-lady tadpoles frog-patterned baby quilts. There’s something about crafted frogs that always brings smiles. Whether painted, ceramic, or fabric, the jovial amphibians have always been sure-fire people pleasers.  Handmade baby quilts made with a happy family of little frogs help to keep the mood upbeat in cribs.  Pale yellow and green squares bordered …

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