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Feb 08

Quilting is a Passion

Quilting is a Passion As I just sat watching the Olympics from Sochi, Russia, I was reminded of the passion in the eyes of the players, the coaches, and the fans.  The love of their sport goes far beyond the point in the goal or the trip down that mountain .  As a “soccer Mom” …

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Feb 07

Looking for the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

baby shower gifts

How hard must it be to find a baby shower gift? An invitation arrives from your granddaughter or from a special friend, maybe even your favorite niece.    This means no ordinary shower gift will do for this present has to be unique, special, and stand out at the shower. One gift will not be tossed …

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Feb 03

Teaching Grandchildren To Sew

Handmade baby quilts are SEW special

Making a baby quilt is not just for us older folks. All you grandmothers out there, who are also quilters, stop and take time to teach your passion to your grandchildren. When I spend time with my passion quilting, I do so when my granddaughters are with me.  Abby, 20 months, and Alexa, 6 years …

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Nov 03

Newest Unique Baby Quilts

baby shower gift idea

Finding time to quilt lately with all my other responsibilities has been difficult.  Quilting is relaxing after a long day.  The joy of designing a unique baby quilt, one that has new and different pattern and color design gives me a fresh new feeling after a long day. Here are my latest two baby quilts made of …

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Aug 12

Gifts from the Heart

Truck Traffic - A handmade baby quilt

You have a special baby shower and you need just the right gift. A gift certificate is always needed which allows the new mom to purchase diapers, wipes, and other necessities but that is not the special shower gift you have in mind.  A gift card is not personal or extra special.  Though the wipes …

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Aug 07

Happy Birthday, Abby!

The sonogram has confirmed that the baby is going to be a girl! It seemed like yesterday, but actually yesterday was my granddaughter’s 1st birthday. A year ago this Grandma started to pull out the fabrics choices and designed a baby quilt.  Actually, Grandma made two for Abby. With extra fabric, burp cloths in the …

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Feb 20

“Once Upon A Time…”

Once Upon A Time - a handmade quilt

“Once Upon A Time…” I have told those tales and read those wonderful and colorful stories, as a Mom, to my own children hundreds of times when they were youngsters. Today, I finished a handmade quilt by the same name. I captured those special memories of reading to my children, in years past, in this special handmade quilt I called, “Once Upon A Time…”

Aug 08

Got Scraps?- Make a Handmade Quilt

Handmade baby quilts for All Children's Hospitals

“When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.” Well my stash is full of scraps. I have spent the better part of yesterday trying to clean up the not one drawers, but the many locations where those scraps are kept. I tell myself to keep them you might just need that piece for something. Drawers and boxes later, those lonely lavenders, bored blues, and sulking silvers and shades of every other hue imaginable are waiting their turn to be a patch in one of my handmade baby quilts.

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