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Apr 19

Handmade Nursery Rhyme Baby Quilts Stir Imaginations

Handmade Nursery Rhyme Baby Quilts Stir Imaginations Handmade nursery rhyme baby quilts stir imaginations with their touchable illustrations of the rhymes they’ve only been hearing. Moms and Dads and Grammies, too, start crooning nursery rhymes to their precious little ones as soon as they arrive on the scene. There’s something so soothing about the cadence …

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Mar 20

Handmade Baby Quilts Bond Kids and Critters

Handmade Baby Quilt with an Animal Design Nothing’s more adorable than a baby hugging her favorite stuffed animal, be it panda, penguin or giraffe. But you can intensify that special bond between baby and critter by buying a handmade baby quilt with an animal design. What a great way to introduce the new little one …

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Mar 09

Handmade Baby Quilt Three-Way Time Savers

Handmade Baby Quilt  Three-Way Time Savers The handmade baby quilt you bring to the shower will get raves from everyone there and earn you a personal pat on the back for all the time you saved. Here’s how: No Time Spent Worrying Whether It Will Fit How often have you stood at a counter holding …

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Jan 10

Handmade Baby Quilts Super Shower Gifts

Handmade Baby Quilts Super Shower Gifts  It’s hard to top a handmade baby quilt when you want the ideal baby shower gift. Here’s why: They’re Eye-Pleasers When the mom-to-be opens the box, and that beautiful, hand-sewn quilt comes out, everyone will fall in love. That’s because The Baby Quilt Lady has customized the one-of-a-kind design …

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Dec 24

Handmade Baby Quilts Banish the Brrrrs

Handmade Baby Quilts Banish the Brrrrs Baby, it’s cold outside, but not for babies bundled up against the chill with quilts made especially for them. Here’s why: There’s Triple Protection Not one or two, but three layers of cold-resistant materials wrap around your precious little baby to ward off the cold. The Baby Quilt Lady …

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Nov 23

Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts For the Holidays

Personalized Handmade Baby Quilts For the Holidays Whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa you’re celebrating, you’ll want a super-special gift for the babies in your life. A custom-themed baby quilt with the baby’s name in the design will outshine all the rest of the presents under the tree, the menorah or the candelabra. Here are five …

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Nov 17

Handmade Baby Quilts with Sheep Will Delight Your Little Lambs

Handmade Baby Quilts with Sheep Will Delight Your Little Lambs When you choose  handmade baby quilts with sheep in the design, you’ll be getting a whole flock of good things for you, the baby and the family. Here are five: You’ll Avoid the Herd Mentality Naturally you want your gift to that precious new baby …

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Nov 07

5 Reasons Why Your “Buggy” Baby Quilt Will be a Hit

There are plenty of reasons why a handmade baby quilt designed with garden critters will wow the baby shower guests, the parents-to-be and the baby. It’s Unique There’ll be absolutely nothing at the baby shower that looks like this one-of-a-kind baby quilt with garden creatures in the design. Adorable beetles and grasshoppers are among the garden …

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