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Four Reasons Why The Baby Quilt Lady Makes Unique Baby Quilts

Unique Baby Quilts

Four Reasons Why The Baby Quilt Lady Makes Unique Baby Quilts The Baby Quilt Lady says there are four reasons why she makes unique baby quilts. She Had Good Teachers “My mom bought me a child’s sewing machine when I was eight and taught me to sew,” she recalls. “My first projects were clothes for …

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Hand Quilting on the Lap

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Hand Quilting on the Lap Hand quilting on the lap gives a quilter a more comfortable spot in which to sit instead of being bent over the quilting frame.  The social activity for women for centuries has been to be bent over a quilting frame and move the needle up and down through the layers …

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Newest Unique Baby Quilts

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Finding time to quilt lately with all my other responsibilities has been difficult.  Quilting is relaxing after a long day.  The joy of designing a unique baby quilt, one that has new and different pattern and color design gives me a fresh new feeling after a long day. Here are my latest two baby quilts made of …

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Baby Quilts – SEW What?

Baby Quilt on Consignment at The Cover Girl

SEW What?
Advertising, getting my business out in the community, and having the Moms and Grandmothers see my beautiful handmade baby quilts has always been the most difficult step of my business, Unique Baby Quilt Boutique.

Choosing Fabric for Handmade Baby Crib Quilts

HHandmade baby quilts warm winter’s chill.

“One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!”

When designing a new baby quilt, the choice of fabric is so essential to my design. I sit for hours in quiet solitude with my “stash” just rummaging through the piles of organized chaos. I keep my materials together by color, but from that point the rest is truly a decision unique to each and every handmade baby quilt that I design.

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