Unique Keepsake Handmade Quilt For Babies

From My Hands — To Your Heart

As a designer of many a unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies, this quote, “From my hands — to your heart!” was just perfect.  I thought of all the little ones that would snuggle in my handmade quilts on those cold winter nights or could play on the homemade quilt instead of the bare floor.

unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies

From My Hands

I set to work making each of my handmade baby quilts unique and different.  Each of the patterns and color schemes grow and develop from my design board to the sewing machine. The pieces are cut from carefully chosen fabrics and are sewn into the special handmade baby quilts with the best techniques to make them last.  These homemade keepsakes are designed to be both durable and adorable.unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies


To Your Heart

Each baby quilt tells its own story, illustrated through color, design, and texture. The quilt starts with a piece of graph paper.  Each block design come to life step by step.  For example, squares transform into triangles and to each, color and fabric patterns are added.  Soon a transformation of a rectangular outline takes on a theme for the next handmade baby quilt. A little girl’s pink ballerina or a boy’s blue trucks and cars are just some of the traditional ideas.  While sports, dinosaurs, baby bears and many more in pastels of green, yellow, and lavender continue to the story for comfort with love, care and pride to last for a very long time.

Meticulous stitching and strong bindings are important on these baby quilts because new babies give them plenty of rough use in the cribs, car seats, and playpens in their early months or as play mats as they get older.

unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies

Keepsake Value

Since no two quilts that I design are ever exactly alike, your quilt will be a unique keepsake handmade quilt.  Baby quilts make from flannel will not only be treasured by the newest arrival, but may be used and appreciated by that baby’s future siblings and baby her own children.  These valued heirlooms will be front and center, seen and used in the crib and wherever else babies go.

unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies

Tonight, when the baby goes to bed, and hugs her unique keepsake handmade quilt, a story can be told again about the little ballerina on that special baby’s quilt, a keepsake for years to come.  Now you too can have these special moments, cuddle with the baby and read them their first books.  Choose a baby quilt that will not only be beautiful and soft to the touch but one that will last.

unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies

 “From my hands — to your heart!”

unique keepsake handmade quilt for babies



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    • Jeff Mccoy on October 20, 2016 at 2:13 am
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    Hey Sharon

    It is just fabulous line ” From my hands – to your heart” great. your keepsake handmade looking beautiful did you selling online or locally?

    1. I sell mostly online. http://uniquebabyquiltboutique.com/

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